June 2nd, 2005
Are you considering an Eco-Conscious Wedding?
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Green Wedding Ideas
Want a Green Wedding?
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We do our part!  We use 100% Recycled paper products in our business.  We
recycle our ink cartridges and ceremony book covers.  We communicate
electronically via email and telephone as much as possible.  We know that every
little effort helps!

Whether you are looking for a few ideas to incorporate into your eco-friendly
wedding, or you are thinking about an entirely green wedding, here are some ideas
to get you started...

               GREEN IDEAS

Announcements and Invitations
You can set the tone for your environmentally friendly wedding by using 100%
recycled, partially recycled or completely tree free papers.  If you are interested in
creating your own invitations, you will have many more options from which to choose
including handmade paper.  Consider using environmentally friendly materials for your
engagement announcements, save-the-date cards, shower invitations, ceremony
programs, place cards, menu cards and thank you notes.  Communicate electronically
and create your own unique personal wedding website.

Wedding Dress
Buy or rent a previously-worn gown.  It can even be a vintage gown!  How about the
one your Mom and Grandmother wore?  Buy a sample gown and save money.  If you
have your heart set on a new gown, consider earth friendly fabrics such as hemp,
organic cotton, linen, tencel and silk.  After your wedding, you can make a
tax-deductible donation of your gown to a charitable organization.

Wedding Rings
A vintage ring is a great way to say "I love you."  Or you can find rings made from
recycled metals and stones (called ethical metals), 100% recycled platinum, wood,
walrus ivory and conflict-free diamonds (production of one simple gold ring results in
20 tons of mine waste).   There are also man-made diamonds available, and you can
purchase gold rings that are produced without mercury or cyanide.

Wedding Ceremony
Consider having your green wedding ceremony in the same place as the reception.  It
will save transportation fuel as well as decorating twice.  Use 100% organic cotton for
the Huppah canopy, ring pillow and table napkins.  Have a
beach wedding where the
decorations are beautiful and reusable.

Choose organically grown, in-season local flowers and eliminate the need for
long-distance transportation.  Re-use ceremony flowers for the reception.

This is a great place to have a "green" theme.  Use small perennials or baby bushes
that can later be planted by your guests.  Use recycled glass containers to hold sea
shells or colorful rocks.  Bamboo is beautiful and a renewable resource.  Use twig
baskets filled with fresh fruit that guests can take home or donate to a food bank.

Use local artisans, when possible, and avoid using items that have to be transported
half way around the world.  Give a small tree, seeds, bulbs or plants.  Organic
chocolates are always a bit hit.  Handmade soaps are popular and beautiful.  

Think organic!  Serve organic coffee.  Make arrangements for leftover food to be
delivered to a food bank or shelter.  Have a cupcake wedding cake - no plates or
forks to wash, and the papers can be composted.

Use albums made out of recycled paper.
No chemicals, no paper - Have your memories preserved on a DVD rather than paper.
Buy recycled cameras for the tables or ask your guests to bring their own digital
cameras and share their candid shots online.

Eco-Friendly Honeymoon
Check out the many resorts that are eco-friendly.  Take an eco-friendly tour to an
exotic locale.  Ask the cruise lines about how they support recycling and fuel

Other ideas...
"Wrap" gifts in re-usable fabric bags.
Use recycled champagne flutes for your first toast.
Have your guest book made out of recycled paper.
Use solar lighting at outdoor weddings.
Buy items made in the USA to avoid excessive shipping fuel usage.
Patronize companies that donate part of their profits to your favorite charities.
Minimize the amount of driving your guests will need to do - encourage carpooling or
rent a bus or trolley to shuttle guests between venues.
Don't register for things you don't need; give your guests the option of giving donations
to your favorite charities in your name instead.

See our
Ceremony Ideas Page for other innovative ideas.  Let us help make your
wedding ceremony as special as it can be.  Call (941) 351-5347 or
email us today.

Above all...enjoy your wedding day in every way!
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