June 2nd, 2005
Baby Blessings
A Special Time for the Whole Family
Sarasota Dream Weddings
Serving Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Tampa & The Beaches
Also known as Baby Welcoming, Baby Naming or Baptism
Welcome your precious child into your family - and the world - with a
ceremony.  You may choose to celebrate in a non-traditional way, or you
may want a traditional Baptism...or something in between.  I will help
you plan the perfect ceremony for your family.  It will express your love,
happiness, hopes and dreams for your child.  I will guide you in selecting
the perfect elements which can include family members, blessings,
prayers, special readings, godparents/guideparents, water/salt/oil
elements, and more.

We can celebrate at the beach, a park, your home, or any other place you
choose.  Call (941) 351-5347 or
Email me to explore the possibilities.
You are a fresh beginning.  You are evidence of
Eternal Optimism, and of our Creator’s opinion
that life must continue in all of its magnificence,
expressing uniquely as you.
Together we will find the
perfect setting for welcoming
your new baby to the family.
Babies are a blessing!
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